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Advice, tips and tricks for your plumbing, gasfitting or drainlaying business.

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  • Plumbing
    11 January 2023

    Underfloor heating and cooling

    As well as being a renewable heat source with low running costs, air-to-water heat pump technology enables both heating and cooling for underfloor systems, as Waterware explains.

    Tags: Underfloor   heating   Cooling   heat pump  
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  • water pump
    23 December 2021

    Small bore wastewater pumps - installing and positioning

    To ensure efficient activation and discharge, it is critically important to both position and install small-bore wastewater pumps correctly.

    Tags: wastewater   pump   advice  
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  • COVID-19
    20 August 2021

    Is your plumbing job essential?

    With New Zealand currently in COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown, you may be wondering what plumbing, gas and drainage jobs you can get done around the home.

    Tags: advice   Plumbing  
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  • Plumbing
    21 December 2020

    Off to the bach this summer? Run your taps to avoid Legionnaires' disease

    Naturally occurring in lakes and streams, Legionella pneumophila bacteria can also grow and spread in artificial water systems, such as plumbing networks - particularly in pipes where water is sitting…

    Tags: water safety  
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  • Plumbing
    1 October 2020

    Active surface heating and cooling – hidden comfort year-round

    If you’re planning a new build or refurbishing your home, an ‘active surface’ heating and cooling system from Austria may be the answer for comfort and sustainability.

    Tags: Central heating   underfloor heating   cooling systems  
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  • Plumbing
    21 July 2020

    Avoid frozen pipes this winter

    Don't get caught out by a cold snap! Winter is here and very cold temperatures can put your pipes at risk of freezing. 

    Tags: frozen pipes   Plumbing   winter  
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