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Self Certification for Plumbers and Drainlayers

Current Situation

Gasfitters and electricians self certify their work, whilst plumbers and drainlayers must get local authority sign off for work that requires a plumbing consent.

Master Plumbers has engaged with MBIE and several local councils to launch a self-verification pilot programme for the plumbing and drainage sector. The pilot launched in Auckland and is now being rolled out in Canterbury.

Our position

  • The ability for plumbers and drainlayers to self certify would eliminate the significant time delays this causes, increasing efficiency and helping lower building costs.
  • Self-certification would also bring consistency across the plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying trades.
  • The self-verification pilot has provided insights into the benefits of remote inspections, including great efficiency, data collection and record keeping.

What we want

  • The self-verification pilot programme to further progress our ultimate goal of obtaining self-certification for plumbers and drainlayers.

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