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Master Plumbers Guarantee

Homeowners have the backing of the 12-month Master Plumbers Guarantee up to $20,000 including GST, protecting you in the event of substandard workmanship and loss of an advance payment to a contractor should they go into liquidation or bankruptcy. Make the claim within 12 months from the invoice, using the claim form on this page.

If you’re unhappy with your plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer’s service, the first step is to contact the business owner, let them know your concerns and give them at least five working days to get back to you.

Not happy with the cost?

If your complaint is about invoicing or charges, you need to take this up directly with your plumber.

Want to avoid issues with your bill? Make sure you can answer these four questions before you hire a plumber:

  1. Will the job be paid as a fixed price quote or on a ‘charge-up’ basis (ie, fee for service)? The difference is important.
  2. How will the labour charge be calculated? Are you paying an hourly labour charge or part-hour charge?
  3. Will you be paying for travel and other costs?
  4. Do you know the total cost of your job before the work begins and are you happy to pay this?

The Consumer Guarantees Act sets out guarantees that services have to meet. These relate to time, price, care, skill and being fit for purpose. Click here to find out more.

The Fair Trading Act protects you from being misled by a business when it is advertising or selling goods and services. Click here to find out more.

Workmanship complaints

If you have a serious workmanship complaint about a Master Plumber, you can consider using the residential Master Plumbers Guarantee. Open the complaint form HERE.

If you have a complaint about someone who is not a member of Master Plumbers, please contact the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board on 0800 743 262.


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