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Reform of Vocational Education (Rove)

Current Situation

The Ministry of Education has announced major reforms for apprentice training through their review of vocational education (RoVE). The reforms will see the creation of a single national institute with a network of regional polytechnic campuses.

Our position

  • The existing model needs reform.
  • Issues including tutor shortages, substandard facilities and a lack of innovative training methods to convey rapidly evolving technologies must be addressed.
  • With critical plumbing skills shortages in New Zealand, we do not want any reforms to discourage employers from taking on apprentices.
  • We are working with Master Builders and Master Electricians to present collaborative industry feedback as the reforms are implemented.

We want

  • The best outcome for industry apprentices in world-class facilities. 
  • Industry-led training delivered by high-quality, innovative and financially viable providers.

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