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Avoid frozen pipes this winter

21 July 2020
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Burst pipe leaking water

Burst pipe leaking water

Don't get caught out by a cold snap! 

Winter is here and very cold temperatures can put your pipes at risk of freezing.

Frozen pipes are prone to splitting, as the ice inside them expands – causing pipes, fittings and even hot water cylinders to leak.

They can also burst, causing a lot of water damage that could be avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance.

This isn't just an issue in snowy regions. Pipes in warmer parts of NZ can also be vulnerable if they're not insulated and a hard frost strikes.

Just like the rest of us, pipes like to be kept warm. If the pipes running from your hot water cylinder to the roof are likely to get iced up, it's a good idea to lag them—in fact this is now a must for new plumbing.

If you live in an area known for frosts, we recommend lagging pipes outside, in your garage, attic space or under your floor.

In some cases, the tip of the pipe can get plugged with ice. Your Master Plumber can see if this applies in your home and put it right.

If you have a property that may be unoccupied for some time (a holiday home, for example) and it’s in an area known for snow or severe frost – you may need plumbing that can be drained to avoid pipes freezing.

If your pipes do freeze, shut off the water supply outside and contact your nearest Master Plumber.

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