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Water Quality

Current situation

Master Plumbers has been made aware of increased failure rates for certain plumbing products in several New Zealand regions due to the effects of water chemistry issues.

While the causes vary between regions, the lack of accessible water testing results, coupled with product warranties referencing the LSI (Langelier Saturation Index), are causing many consumers to be caught out in areas with particularly corrosive water.

Our position

  • Master Plumbers believes the reporting of water quality is a high priority issue for the New Zealand public
  • The responsibilities for councils on where, when and how water quality reports are created and distributed is relatively unclear
  • Clarification on the obligations of councils to provide and publish records of their full water test data is needed
  • Greater transparency in water quality reporting is required to gain an accurate view of the water quality across New Zealand and highlight areas where chemistry issues may impact the lifespan of specific plumbing products.

What we want

  • Greater oversight from Taumata Arowai to address the effects of varying water quality on plumbing product warranties
  • Data records from regional council water quality tests to be transparent and readily available.

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