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Quality of Plumbing Products

Current Situation

MBIE is amending Acceptable Solution G12/AS1 to limit the maximum allowable contant of lead permitted in plumbing products. 

The amended document will limit the maximum lead content of any product that contains copper alloys, intended for use in contact with potable water for human consumption. This includes products such as pipe fittings, valves, taps, mixers, water heaters, and water meters.

The transition period will end in September 2025. 

Our position

  • Master Plumbers is extremely pleased with the government's decision to move to lead-free plumbing products. We have lobbied for lead to be removed from plumbing products for many years in the interests of protecting public health.
  • As there is still no monitoring of plumbing products available for sale in New Zealand, and no mandatory requirement for independent third-party verification, there remains a risk that substandard products with unacceptable levels of lead may continue to be sold.

We want

  • MBIE to introduce mandatory independent third party verification for plumbing products, with compliance to be enforced at the point of sale.
  • Easy consumer identification of lead free products, similar to the Australian WaterMark model.
  • Master Plumbers also wants to ensure plumbing equipment beyond the toby must be lead free. 


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