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How hot should my water be?

18 January 2021
Safe water temperatures

Child washing hands

Water coming out of the tap too hot can be quite dangerous, especially if you've got young children.

Children often receive serious scalds because they have more sensitive skin than adults and burn more quickly.

Elderly people can also be vulnerable due to disabilities or slow reaction times.

Finding the balance

At the same time, if the thermostat in the cylinder is turned down too low, your cylinder can become an ideal breeding ground for harmful Legionella bacteria.

The solution to this problem is to store hot water at a minimum temperature of 60oC, and deliver it to baths, showers, basins and bidets at a temperature no greater than 55oC.


Installing a tempering valve is one way of achieving this. This mixes enough cold water with the hot water to keep it at a temperature which reduces the risk of scalding.

Call in the professionals

Keep in mind that some cylinder thermostats can only be adjusted by an electrician or plumber. 

A Master Plumber can check the temperature and give you some options for how to get it right. This could mean installing tempering valves, temperature limiting taps or shower mixers.

Find a Master Plumber in your area.

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