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What's the future for gas connections?

17 February 2021
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You may have read about the Climate Change Commission’s recent proposal that gas and LPG connections be banned in homes after 2025.

If this advice is adopted, it would affect only new connections after 2025. Existing gas and LPG customers would be able to continue operating as normal.

You don’t need to worry about existing appliances. Any appliances you buy today will still be able to be connected today, and you will still have access to fuel.

What’s more, new low carbon bio-gas and bio-LPG options are on the way. Once these are available for use in New Zealand, it is expected that the fuel can be introduced into supply without gas customers noticing any difference.

Why was this recommendation made?

The Climate Change Commission was set up by the Zero Carbon Act to advise the government on how to make New Zealand net carbon zero by 2050. Overall, this will require very heavy cuts in carbon emissions and that means much less use of the products that emit carbon, such as coal and oil, and even natural gas and LPG (which, whilst having lower carbon emissions, still contribute to New Zealand’s CO2 emissions).

The law requires the Commission to advise on ‘sector-specific’ policies. Banning new connections is a proposal for reducing carbon emissions from LPG and natural gas in buildings. Other sources are important targets for emissions reductions too.

What about my BBQ?

The impact on devices such as BBQs and camp stoves is unclear in the draft advice report. The Commission is targeting new natural gas and LPG connections in households and businesses.

Is the decision definite?

The Commission’s advice is draft, and everyone has until mid-March to provide their views. The Commission will then prepare a final report that will be delivered to the government by 31 May 2021.

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