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Staying safe with gas

18 April 2022
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Call a gasfitter to check your appliance if you:

  • find it is not working properly
  • notice irregular flame patterns (yellow or sooty flames, not blue)
  • see damage or rust – or accumulated grime and dust
  • notice unusual smells or any change in normal operation

Stop using the appliance until the gasfitter has inspected and if necessary, fixed it.

Always follow the manufacturer’s health and safety instructions provided with your gas appliance.  

In an emergency

If you smell gas – or feel unwell – inside your home:

  • Keep flames and cigarettes out of the room and away from the area
  • Don’t use any electrical switches – a flick off or on could cause a spark and ignite a gas leak
  • Don't use your mobile phone in the area
  • Turn off all valves to gas appliances if this can be done safely
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter or LPG cylinder*
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
  • If the smell persists in the house go outside to a safe place away from the building.

Call the Emergency Services on 111.

*Make sure you know how to turn off your gas supply in an emergency. 


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