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Spouting success tips

17 August 2018
spouting and downpipes

Check out these 10 top tips from Marley for your home’s spouting and downpipes.

  1. Spouting and downpipes come in different ‘profiles’. Find a style that suits your home. Whether it’s Marley Classic® for a traditional look or the contemporary Marley Stormcloud®, there’s an option for your lifestyle and budget.

  2. If you have untidy roof edges, you can hide them by choosing a spouting profile with a high front edge like Marley Typhoon®.

  3. Modern spouting comes in plenty of colours other than white. To complement the colour of your home, consider something from the Marley Stratus Design Series® range.

  4. Ensure your spouting has fall towards the downpipes so that it does not hold water. A drop of 0.5mm per metre is all you need. So, for example, a 5m run needs a 2.5mm fall.

  5. With good practical skills, it is possible to install your own spouting although it is a technical process. You may need permission from your local council and/or water and power authorities so be sure to check before starting the project. Consider, too, whether you’ll need scaffolding for safety compliance.

  6. High rainfall areas, large houses or steep roofs may require a larger spouting profile to collect rainwater and/or more downpipes to drain it, so it’s really important to get the right size spouting and downpipes. If you’re unsure, call in an expert.

  7. If you do install your own spouting and downpipes, never connect the downpipe to the wastewater gully trap. Instead, connect it to an access pit, surface drainage or stormwater outlet.

  8. To maintain your spouting, regularly check and clear debris from inside your gutters and/or downpipes. We recommend cleaning them once a year with warm, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth.

  9. To keep them clean and clear, consider adding rainwater accessories, such as downpipe debris and water diverters. The Marley Curve® leaf diverter helps keep stormwater drains and tanks clear of obstructions. And the award-winning Marley Twist® lets you collect fresh rainwater to water your garden or for emergency use.

  10. Many plumbers install, repair and maintain spouting—find your nearest Master Plumber at www.dontriskit.co.nz

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