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Plumbing-related jobs for summer

17 January 2019

The sun's shining, the great outdoors is calling and – believe it or not – there’s no better time to schedule servicing your heating, gas appliances and hot water systems.

Not only will you beat the rush when the weather turns, but regular maintenance can prolong the life of your appliances and avoid future problems.

 Hot water

Summer is a good time to check your hot water heating system because you’ll be using less hot water than in the colder months and it may be easier to spot corrosion or leaks.

Book your Master Plumber to check your hot water cylinder. This could involve:

  • changing the anode rod (if applicable)
  • checking the operation and settings of pressure and relief valves
  • ensuring that adequate insulation (if applicable) and seismic restraint straps are fitted
  • flushing sediment from the cylinder

 If you have a continuous flow gas water heater, your local Master Gasfitter can check that everything’s working correctly.

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Gas appliances

All gas appliances in your home should be regularly serviced and records kept. Check the manufacturers’ recommendations for your specific appliances.

If you have a gas heating system and use gas for cooking, ask your gasfitter to check both appliances at the same time. They will ensure the burners are clear and working correctly, check for general wear and tear and, if necessary, arrange for parts to be replaced.

Adequate ventilation is essential for gas appliances, so take the opportunity to make sure vents ensuring air flow are clean and not blocked. Don’t forget to get any wood burner chimneys swept too.

Up on the roof

It’s also a good time to check your roof, but be careful up there. It may be safest to hire a professional who knows what to look for and has experience of working at heights.

If you rely on rainwater collection, you won’t want to waste a drop of water during dry spells due to cracked, broken or blocked water collection pipes and/or tank issues.

You may want to consider upgrading your system by installing a downpipe water diverter to direct run-off into a holding tank and by adding a leaf diverter to help keep debris out. Leaf diverters are great for homes surrounded by tall trees.

Check out Marley’s range of innovative products here in the Master Plumbers Recommends section of our website.

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Down to earth

Wet patches or green grass in unexpected areas of your summer-brown lawn may indicate a water leak or drainage issue. Not only can these be seen more clearly in dry weather, but the dry ground will mean less mess is made should a Master Plumber or Drainlayer need to dig down to sort out any issues.

Smart move

Getting in early is a smart move. Save yourself the distress of a future plumbing emergency by tackling these jobs while the weather is fine and the professionals you need are more likely to be available at relatively short notice. Once the first cold snap arrives, plumbing firms are inundated with requests for repairs and replacements – and the pace rarely lets up during the busy winter months.

Find your nearest local Master Plumber, Gasfitter and/or Drainlayer with our online tool: www.masterplumbers.org.nz/homeowner-info              

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