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Pipe Inspections

18 July 2022

CCTVAt home, at work, and at the buildings we visit every day, there are pipe network systems above, below and around us providing water, drainage, electrical cable protection and air conditioning 24 hours a day.

Pipe damage can occur from a variety of factors: digging, plant root growth, earthquakes, vehicular damage, maintenance accidents and more. A variety of NDT (Nondestructive Testing) inspection methods are commonly used to check pipes for damage. These include:

  • Hydrostatic testing – filling the pipe with a non-compressible fluid to exceed normal pressure and check for defects. This requires strict testing procedures and can be difficult in existing networks
  • Ultrasonic testing – Using an ultrasonic tester to send a signal down a metallic pipe and analysing the returning signal. This requires specialist equipment and training.
  • CCTV pipe inspection – A modern, effective and reportable method of inspecting pipe networks. Using a high-definition camera attached to a flexible pushrod, you can clearly see down a pipe to identify potential and actual breaks, blockages and damage in metallic and plastic pipes, ducts and conduits.

CCTV pipe inspection advantages

CCTV inspection provides a clear visual from inside the pipeline, enabling you to quickly determine the cause and recommend repairs or replacement of the affected area.

A good modern system will allow you to record in high definition, with wireless options for sending video directly to your device for further inspection and analysis, on or offsite. A camera that features a built-in sonde will allow the user to trace a camera’s position (with appropriate receiver). This enables you to identify the path of buried and hidden pipelines, drastically reducing time spent hunting for the location of the pipe.

With all this technology combined, users can identify and rectify potentially dangerous issues quickly and effectively, without specialist equipment and training.

Michael Snook has been in the electrical industry for 20 years. For the past 10 years, he has specialised in test and measurement as a Sales Engineer at Pro-Test Instruments Ltd in Auckland, who supply, support and service products from a wide range of leading brands. Find out more at www.pro-test.co.nz and on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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