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Keeping NZ waterways clean

22 September 2016

If your home is connected to the public sewage system, wastewater from your from your toilet, bath, shower, sink, basin, washing machine and dishwasher will run through your sewage pipes into the public system and on to the local treatment plant. Once treated, it can reenter our natural waterways.

If stormwater (rainwater) gets into the public sewage system, it can flood the sewers, making untreated sewage overflow. Stormwater can get in from something as simple as an incorrectly connected stormwater downpipe in your home.

Check that:

  • stormwater downpipes from your roof are properly connected to the stormwater drain
  • there are no inside or outside sinks or basins connected to the stormwater downpipes
  • your wastewater goes into a separate wastewater gully trap with a raised wall to keep any stormwater run-off out of the sanitary sewer.

Bear in mind, too, that if you are connected to the public stormwater system, this water feeds straight into our natural waterways. So, any pollution entering your stormwater drains will also end up there (eg, if you clean your paintbrushes over the stormwater drain or wash your car in the driveway).

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