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All you need to know about gas ducted central heating

3 September 2020
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Many of us don’t think twice about using spot heating to heat our homes. But spot heaters like heat pumps and wood burners only heat the room they are in.

Unlike spot heating, ducted central heating offers a ‘whole house solution’. Every room in your house is heated to the same temperature – making your home warm, comfortable and so much more enjoyable!

Ducted heating

Ducted heating requires enough space to run ducts in the ceiling cavity or under the floor.

How does it work?

Gas ducted central heating works by drawing cold air into a unit. It's then heated, and warm air circulates via the outlets and duct network - heating every room.

Once your home is warm and cosy the heater unit switches off. So, it uses only a small amount of energy while maintaining your level of comfort.

Why choose gas-fired ducted central heating? 

  • You can heat every room in your home

A controller monitors the temperature of your home.  Every room in your home is heated evenly and remains at a comfortable temperature.

  • You can’t see it or hear it

Ductwork and outlets are placed either in the floor or ceiling - tucked away and out of sight. Also, with ducted central heating, warm air circulates around your home almost silently.

  • Your home will be warmer and more efficient

Forced air systems (like heat pumps) keep air moving faster to keep us warm. But even at a high temperature fast moving air can make us feel cool. A gas ducted heating system can be set to a lower temperature and does not take much airflow to generate heat.

  • You get instant heat and more control

Gas-fired ducted central heating heats your home fast. You can control individual zones or even heat one single room. For some models, it's even possible for you to control them from your smartphone and other devices.

  • You will save energy and money in the long run

Heat pumps and wood burners may be cheaper to install. But with ducted central heating, you are saving energy every month. Less energy means lower monthly heating costs.

What makes up a ducted heating system?

  • Heating unit (Furnace)
  • Controller
  • Ducting
  • Outlets
  • Return air grille

Installation costs

Installation costs vary. From $9,500 - $11,000 for a small house (80-180m2 with 6-10 outlets), to $13,500 - $15,500 for a large house (180-280 m2 with 11-15 outlets).

If your home is not already connected to mains gas, you will need a mains connection. Find out if there is gas on your street here.

To find out whether ducted central heating will suit your property, contact Rinnai for a free home appraisal. Find your local Rinnai installer here.

This blog has been adapted from an article in NZ Plumber magazine, April/May 2020 issue.

You can read the NZ Plumber magazine here

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