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Marley Debris Diversion – Curve™

The Marley Curve is a new era leaf diverter that combines sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology. Its unique screen design draws rainwater in while preventing leaves and other debris from entering into your water tank or stormwater system.

Suitable for new or existing downpipes, the Marley Curve has been designed in New Zealand to meet all rainfall conditions. Curve helps to improve water quality and reduce system maintenance by delivering cleaner water to your tank. If on stormwater, Curve reduces the chance of your drains blocking.

Curve has the same UV resistance and 15 year guarantee as our Marley spouting and downpipe systems. It automatically sheds debris so requires minimal maintenance.

Curve is available in a range of colours to match the Marley Stratus Design Series® range of spouting and downpipes.

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Marley MPR Aliaxis Logo