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Zane Britton

Zane Britton
Director, BOI Plumbing & Gas Ltd

For Men's Health Week, Master Plumbers talked with various men throughout New Zealand.


What your health means to you?

Means more these days to me than wealth! Being around and being fit for my children is the biggest motivation.

What steps you take to stay healthy?

Eat healthy and well, lots of water, no more than 2 hrs of computer time in one sitting. I also stagger my site visits through the week to ensure im staying active consistently through the week!

What healthy routines you have in your life?

I take a half day off every week to go and play golf, this assists with getting away from the noise and some light exercise. Plus it improves my mental wellbeing from having no distractions but something to achieve at some time! Golf can be a very cruel game if your heads not in it!

Any suggestions you want to share about health and wellbeing.

Family time! It so important to have time for your family and close friends!

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