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June - The importance of sleep

Kereama Carmody, Master Plumbers/Masterlink's Wellbeing Coach shares his Blog for June.

Sleep is one of our most natural behaviours but it’s something many of us don’t understand the importance of. The quantity and quality of our sleep can influence not only our mood, but also our bodies. It can be hard to prioritise an activity that can be viewed as “unproductive” when you have so much to get through in one working day. We get it – so why bother giving sleep that much of your time and attention?

Here's why. Sleep is one of the most restorative states your body can be in, physically and mentally. Lack of sleep can prevent your brain being in top form. Especially when it comes to concentration, response time and memory. Without getting too ‘sciencey’, sleep allows your body to release a growth hormone that repairs and soothes your muscles while you sleep -free physio I say. Getting a good night’s sleep every day also lowers your risk of serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease and increases your body’s natural immunity - which we all need this winter.

It is getting to that time of the year when most of us feel the cold, are tired and motivation can be hard to muster. So, looking after ourselves is key to maintaining good health. With the days being much shorter, it can be hard to find time to fit everything in one day.  Recent data from the Umbrella Wellbeing Report indicates 41% of Kiwis feel overly pressured to work long hours and 44% of us are trying to meet deadlines. Both of which can result in feelings of stress.

With the long weekend coming up, take the time to rest up and get a good sleep routine in place - it could make all the difference to how you feel this winter, both physically and mentally.

Also, don’t forgot that coming up the week of the 12 to 16 of June is Mental Health Awareness Week. Try to take a moment to consider how you are feeling and if you feel you need some support, reach out.

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