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Move it March

Kereama Carmody - Master Plumbers / Masterlink Wellbeing Coach shares his update:

Kia ora everyone,

The transition into the colder months has begun and with that the inclination to make the most of staying inside and warm is high, but life goes on and we all have to embrace the cold whether we like it or not.

The initiative Move It March is also here, encouraging us getting outdoors and to be active. With most of you having such physically demanding jobs it can be hard to justify the need to do additional physically demanding activities.

Move It March is about being physically active for yourself rather than for others, improving your mental and physical health on your own accord. Being physical outside of the job is a great way to also be social or allow some alone time to focus on yourself, it can be whatever you want it to be.

It doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant, it just needs to get those muscles moving. The benefits that come from getting outdoors and being active are great for not only your mental health but also physical, as it may even make your job seem easier and less of a physical burden.

Some ways to stay active could be going on walks or jogs with your mates or partner, signing up to a local gym, doing your own at home workouts, or even joining a social sports team. All of these options are just as good as the next and a great starting point into introducing physical activity into your daily routine.

Taking a moment to work on yourself by going outdoors and being active can go a long way with regards to the way you feel and move. It may seem dauting now but the only way to see what works for you is to start and you unknowingly might find that physical activity gives you a new lease on life!

So for now - let's Move it!

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