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Henry Cassin

Henry Cassin
Membership Services Advisor, Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers

For Men's Health Week, Master Plumbers talked with various men throughout New Zealand.


What your health means to you?

To me, health is not just physical wellbeing, but also mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. It’s about finding a balance in all aspects of life that allows me to enjoy each day. It means feeling energised, maintaining a positive mindset, and being able to engage in activities that bring me joy and fulfilment.

What steps you take to stay healthy?

It’s as easy as this: I only do things that make me happy. Doing the hobbies I love, spending time with people who bring me joy, working in a role I love. It’s all about bringing a sense of fulfilment.

What healthy routines you have in your life?

To maintain my health, I take an approach to includes both physical and mental wellbeing. For my mental wellbeing, I prioritise activities that help me relax and destress. I love gaming and video creation which offers a chance to disconnect and flex my creative side.

To balance the time spent inside, I spend as much time as possible seeing friends and family and getting out and about – Wellington is a great city, so I enjoy going on regular walks and planning to join my local gym soon.

Any suggestions you want to share about health and wellbeing.

Prioritise the activities that bring you joy and self-care!
Don’t forget to seek support where and when you need it.

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