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Danny Ledwith

Danny Ledwith
Otago/South Canterbury Regional Manager, Masterlink

For Men's Health Week, Master Plumbers talked with various men throughout New Zealand.


What your health means to you?

For me, I enjoy an active lifestyle and my health is a crucial part of that. Whether it’s going to the gym, playing golf, or even taking the dog for a walk, being physically active allows me to feel energised and in a good head space.

I am a big believer that physical and mental health are closely linked, so maintaining a somewhat active lifestyle doesn’t only benefit me physically, but arguably even more mentally.

The feeling of any physical activity allows me to have a clear head space and I feel it is amazing for alleviating stress and boosting my mood! In summary, my health allows me to live the life that makes me truly happy!

What steps do you take to stay healthy?

It’s simple, I do things I truly enjoy that have proven health benefits. As an example, I am unhealthily obsessed with the game of golf at the moment. Golf is the most beautifully annoying and frustrating game on the planet, but the satisfaction of hitting a good shot, or posting a good round is something truly addictive! I am not the type of person that enjoys a long walk, so golf is ideal for me as it provides that health benefit of a 10 kilometre walk (15 if you play like me!) while I get to do something I really enjoy.

Likewise with cardio or exercise, I would love to be one of them people that loves to go for a run, but I couldn’t think of anything worse. Again, I link it to something I enjoy – sport.

Whether it’s social basketball, football or even kick boxing, which is my latest project, it is cardio delivered in a way that I enjoy. Simply put, do a form of exercise that you truly enjoy, and it will become an easy habit!

What healthy routines do you have in your life?

Like everything else in my life, I keep it simple. I try to follow a rule when it comes to healthy routines that I never miss two days. If I can’t be bothered cooking something healthy and am craving a takeaway, I will just get a takeaway….

And I try to be better tomorrow! I take this approach with all my healthy routines, if I plan to go to the gym in the morning before work but wake up feeling like an extra hour in bed, I will stay in bed! It just means I will have extra motivation to get up the following day and go.

If I get home after a long day and can’t be bothered taking the dog for a walk, I still take her for a walk because if I don’t, she will annoy me for the entire evening. I think for the average person like me, it’s all about maintaining a lifestyle you enjoy.

Yes, everyone should eat well, exercise regularly, get good sleep, etc, but I believe incorporating this into a lifestyle that you find fulfilling and enjoyable is the only way to ensure it is sustainable!



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