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August - Cost of living

Kereama Carmody, Master Plumbers/Masterlink's Wellbeing Coach shares his monthly blog.

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly struggling with the cost of living. Whether its food, petrol or power, it’s all gone up and it feels like we spend more than we make. Saving money and getting ahead feels like it’s not an option anymore.

Now I know that the whole cost of living challenge has become frequent topic of conversation and its something we are probably tired of hearing about as we are of having to live through it. And you are not alone. Especially, the apprentices out there.

Food is probably the most challenging for those of you working a physical job. Food is fuel and we need it to energise and sustain ourselves through the day, but at the moment trying to eat healthy almost involves selling a kidney. Some key tips to save money when it comes to the supermarket trips is buying snap frozen vegetables as they hold nearly if not all the same nutritional value as fresh vegetables and are usually a lot cheaper. Also going to the supermarket at the end of the day you can find meat and vegetables on sale and cheaper items.

My stepdaughter who is a student in Dunedin once went to New World in the evening and got 10 broccoli heads for $10!! Making a list and sticking to it will help ensure you don’t buy things you don’t really need. Most importantly, DO NOT go to the supermarket when you are hungry.

Petrol prices are crazy so try getting a ride from a friend or colleague where you can.  It may mean you need to wake up earlier but splitting the cost could be worth it to save money.

Power is a tough one as well, when it’s been so cold recently being warm is a must. Remember some easy power-saving habits such as turning the lights of when not in a room, turning the appliances off at the wall-plug, and only run the washing machine and dishwasher when it is full. Fridges and freezers are one of the biggest suckers of electricity so if you have a second fridge or freezer and you’re not using it enough, turn it off.

At the moment it does seem never-ending, but it will (hopefully) get better soon and it’s important to look after yourself as best as possible. This blog is about saving money,  offering some tips and tricks as well as a reminder that you aren’t alone with the cost of living situation and if you are struggling speak out. Roll on summer!

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