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Alastair Hoult

Alastair HoultAlastair Hoult
Commercial Manager, Master Plumbers

For Men's Health Week, Master Plumbers talked with various men throughout New Zealand.


What your health means to you?

It means everything – quality of life, energy levels, being the best you can be and able to enjoy life to the full.

What steps you take to stay healthy?

Ensure my work/life balance is in equilibrium (it hasn’t been previously), attempt to stay reasonably fit, eat well, and ensure I’m keep in regular touch with friends and family.      

What healthy routines you have in your life?

I cycle, enjoy bushwalks and play squash regularly. Also I try to avoid unhealthy foods but sometimes it’s hard to say no!  I used to work in healthcare so undertake 6 monthly visits to my GP for a full range of routine tests. Kiwi males are notoriously terrible at monitoring physical and mental health. Music is a passion of mine, which I need to indulge in more. My collection of instruments doesn’t get much use.

Any suggestions you want to share about health and wellbeing.

A quote I read some years back is always in my mind: Happiness involves the presence of these things:

  • A positive mindset
  • Be present and engaged in all your activities
  • Find meaning and purpose in what you do
  • Smile often


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