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When did you last get yourself a WOF?

16 July 2021
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Let's address the elephant in the room. Many of us—our older male population in particular—avoid the doctor with the old saying ‘Ah, too busy mate!’ or ‘She’ll be right!’

Most of us are on to it with booking our cars in for their WOFs. Some of us are even experts at knowing how to anticipate problems with our vehicles, and if any issues pop up, we’ll get them sorted straight away! We maintain our cars and check them regularly, perhaps with more care than we might give ourselves. Yet many of us avoid going to the doctor, even when we experience symptoms that should get checked out.

Did you know that every day, eight men in New Zealand die from preventable diseases? Even if we look and feel well, there’s no way to know we’re clear unless we get our own warrant of fitness from the GP. And if there is something going on, the earlier it gets picked up, the better.

The next time you clean your car, change the oil, or notice something that needs a wee bit of attention, do the same for yourself—look after your body, it works hard for you. If you need some direction, here are 7 ways men can boost their health.

And the next time a mate mentions their car is due for a WOF, start a conversation about your own WOFs—when was the last time you went to the GP, have you booked your next check-up, what’s holding you back?

If you’re unsure of what a WOF involves, all it takes is a quick call to your GP to book one in (or you can usually book an appointment online) and your GP will guide you through the rest. But if you want a detailed breakdown, here’s a handy guide that lets you know exactly what to expect—so, there are no excuses!

There’s nothing to worry about except not getting checked. Why not give yourself that peace of mind, lead by example, and encourage your friends and family to do the same?

Author: Kereama Carmody, Master Plumbers and Masterlink Wellbeing Guy

Kereama Carmody is the resident wellbeing coach for Master Plumbers members and Masterlink apprentices.

A registered social worker, Kereama has extensive experience working in mental health and the alcohol and drug treatment field. He is passionate about wellbeing in the workplace and helping people develop the strategies and tools to stay well and healthy.

He is on hand to assist with:

  • Communicating with staff about difficulties affecting work and home
  • Helping navigate struggles with substance abuse
  • Resources for creating simple wellbeing practices at work
  • Tips on how to build supportive relationships among your team
  • General queries within the wellbeing space.

Find out how to contact Kereama.

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