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Government remains committed to self-certification for plumbers and drainlayers

15 April 2024

Master Plumbers was pleased to hear how the Government is focused on making it quicker and easier to build. Speaking at the 2024 NZ Plumbing Conference in Wellington this month, Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk said the Government wants to remove “unjustifiable red tape”. The annual conference, facilitated by Master Plumbers, attracted over 410 representatives from plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying businesses across the country.

Minister Penk said the Government remained committed to delivering self-certification to plumbers and drainlayers within a timeline of “months not years”. He said the Government is looking for “relatively quick, easy wins and self-certification represents one such opportunity”.

Master Plumbers met with Hon Penk last month to discuss self-certification for plumbers and drainlayers, improvements to the building consenting process and the need for compulsory identification of lead-free plumbing products.

Master Plumbers Chief Executive Greg Wallace said the sector welcomed the commitment to self-certification. “The amount of training plumbers and drainlayers receive is substantially more than most council inspectors. This level of technical expertise makes them the most qualified to sign off on their work—as electricians and gasfitters currently do.”

Proposed changes to the Building Act announced earlier this month would allow building products that have been certified by overseas schemes to be approved in New Zealand—such as the Australian WaterMark Scheme for identifying fit for purpose plumbing and drainage products. “Master Plumbers has long been an advocate for the adoption of WaterMark here in New Zealand,” says Mr Wallace.

Master Plumbers applauded Penk for coming to the table to engage directly with the sector and is looking forward to a renewed commitment from Government on these key issues.

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