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Master Plumbers partners with gas industry to launch 'Future Sure' campaign

21 June 2021

Master Plumbers has partnered with other industry players in the gas sector to launch 'Future Sure' - a campaign that gives Kiwi gas users confidence that gas energy will continue into the future.

The flame isn’t going out.

Kiwi gas users can be confident that the gas they turn on isn’t being turned off and will continue to flow well into the future.

If you’re connected to gas now or thinking about connecting, you can be sure that natural gas and LPG will keep flowing as we make the shift to future low or zero carbon gases.

Gas energy is here to stay.

The Climate Change Commission has not proposed a ban on new gas connections from 2025. Instead, it has recommended the government sets a date, once a national energy strategy is developed and there is more clarity around the contribution future gases can make in decarbonising New Zealand’s energy supply.

Current LPG appliances are fully compatible with bioLPG, and modern gas appliances are already able to run on a blend of natural gas and renewable hydrogen gas (up to 20%) or biogas. New compatible appliances will become widely available as we scale up towards a more renewable gas energy future.

If you like today’s gas, you’ll love tomorrow’s.

New renewable, low and zero carbon gases are the future. With hydrogen gas and biogas already being developed and trialled here in New Zealand and globally, Kiwis will continue to enjoy the benefits of gas in their lives as we move to tomorrow’s gas energy.

Green hydrogen gas, made from renewable energy and water, can be used on its own or blended with natural gas to reduce carbon emissions. Renewable biogas is produced through the breakdown of organic waste (e.g. compost). BioLPG, produced from biomass (e.g. forest, crop or farm waste) is chemically identical to LPG and a direct energy replacement for your BBQ or LPG appliances.

It’s likely that the blending of traditional gas with future gases like green hydrogen gas and biogas will happen in the next 3-5 years. Just like today’s gas, these new gases will be subject to rigorous safety protocols and standards before they are available to homes and businesses.

Gas will help us get to 100% renewable energy.

Gas energy is an important part of New Zealand’s energy future. The Climate Change Commission’s advice to the government on achieving our climate and carbon emissions targets acknowledges the role that low and zero carbon gases can play in decarbonising New Zealand’s energy system and reducing the impact of climate change on our environment. New gas energy will help us achieve our 100% renewable energy aspirations and a net-zero carbon future by 2050.

Find out more about the campaign at https://www.gasenergy.org.nz/future-sure


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