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HR Wraparound

13 January 2023
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The Master Plumbers HR team provide members with a 360° service to help with good employment processes.

Did you know... Over the past seven years, the Master Plumbers HR team have developed a suite of guides and templates for members to use in their own business. We also regularly provide helpline support to members with their own in-house employee relationship issues and have a direct line to employment lawyers at Duncan Cotterill for any sticky issues. Duncan Cotterill also gives our members a competitive rate if help is needed with an employment issue that goes beyond HR.

The Master Plumbers HR team are very passionate about employee engagement, the wellbeing of the people in our industry and ensuring members are doing right by their people. Along with our online HR resources, we often get involved in helping businesses conduct employee surveys. It is often better to have an external party help manage this process, so employees feel more comfortable about being honest with their views.

Your employees are sitting on a goldmine of insights you can use to improve your business, and it’s more important than ever to connect with them to understand how they are feeling about their environment. Doing a survey is a great start!

An HR check-up is another way we can help your business. We can work with you to ensure you have the processes and procedures in place to manage your people the right way. This includes reviewing your employment agreements, policies and HR practices, and helping you put in place 1:1 check ins with your team, performance reviews, and opportunities for your people to learn and develop while working for you.

With so many member businesses expanding at speed, let Master Plumbers help you with your growth and getting good support on your side—ensuring you have all the right HR processes in place to manage your people well.

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Lisa Duston from the Master Plumbers HR team is available to Master Plumbers members to discuss any employee situation. Contact Lisa on 021 245 1704 or email lduston@masterplumbers.org.nz

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