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Electrical work: how much can you do?

17 July 2020
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Armed with an Associated Tradesperson practising licence, plumbers and gasfitters are allowed to carry out certain electrical work.

We answer the most common questions about what electrical work is included and how to get Associated Tradesperson (ATP) registered and licensed.

What electrical work can plumbers and gasfitters undertake with an ATP?

Registered and licensed plumbers and gasfitters who have ATP registration from the Electrical Workers Registration Board (ERWB) are allowed to service and maintain 250v electrical equipment relating to water heating, waste disposal units and water pressure devices.

For a more detailed description of the limits of work, see ERWB’s Associated Tradesperson Teaching Guidelines.

What counts as servicing?

For the purposes of the EWRB’s registration classes, ‘servicing’ means:

Any prescribed electrical work that involves the dismantling, repair, adjustment, reassembly and replacement of electrical fittings, other than the installation of permanently wired conductors, of works or electrical installations intended for the generation, conversion, transformation, conveyance, or control of electrical supplies.

How can I register for my ATP?

In order for a registered plumber, gasfitter or plumber/gasfitter to get ATP registered, you will need to:

  • Pass an EWRB approved Associated Tradesperson course and written exam that is relevant to your PGDB licence;
  • Pass an EWRB approved Associated Tradesperson practical assessment that is relevant to your PGDB licence; and
  • Complete approved safety training within the prescribed timeframe.

After passing the theory and practical tests, you can apply to the EWRB for a practising licence.

Where can I get ATP training?

Wintec offers four options at its Hamilton campus:

  • 5-day block course
  • 5 Fridays full-day course
  • 12-week night class (one night per week)
  • Customised course at a business

Find out more here (see under Professional Programmes>Compliance & Refresher Courses)

Shift E-tec in Auckland offers:

  • 3-day block course with a 6-week course
  • preparation expectation
  • Block courses are held around NZ during the year.

Always carry your card

Paul Manson, Senior Electrical Facilitator of Professional Programmes at Wintec in Hamilton, one of the providers that offer ATP training, says, “From my experience, there is some confusion among electricians about the fact that plumbers and gasfitters are permitted to do certain electrical work.”

He recommends carrying your EWRB registration card with you, so you can show it to anyone who queries your competence to do the work.

This blog has been adapted from an article in NZ Plumber magazine, Apr/May 2020 issue.


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