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Consumers reminded to service gas appliances

19 July 2019
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In the wake of today’s explosion in a house in Christchurch, Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ stresses the importance of getting gas appliances regularly serviced.

“We are saddened to see this accident, and our thoughts are with those affected. We want people to be assured that gas appliances are safe, but must be serviced on an annual basis to ensure they are operating correctly and efficiently,” says Master Plumbers' chief executive Greg Wallace.

“Consumers should keep records of when appliances were last serviced and check the manufacturers’ recommendations for specific appliances.”

Whilst it’s too early to understand the exact cause of the explosion, events of this nature are a rare occurrence in New Zealand, says Wallace.

“When handled correctly, LPG and natural gas are safe, so consumers should not be alarmed.”

Householders are required by law to use an authorised gasfitter to install, service, repair or replace gas appliances and fittings.

“New Zealand has a robust compulsory professional development programme in place for plumbers and gasfitters to keep them up to date with technological developments,” says Wallace.

Anyone concerned about gas installations or appliances in their property should contact a licensed gasfitter, who can check they are working correctly and are in good repair.

Adequate ventilation is also essential for gas appliances, so take the opportunity to get appliances checked to ensure airflow vents are clean and operating as they should.

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