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Changes to Watercare compliance and connections in Auckland

15 June 2017
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There are changes for anyone working on or connecting to Auckland's public water and wastewater infrastructure.

Compliance Statements

To enable qualified contractors and consultants to self-certify their work, Watercare is introducing Compliance Statements, which will be mandatory from 1 July 2017. This will largely remove the need for inspections by Watercare staff.

There are four types of compliance statements, available at watercare.co.nz:

  • CS1 Design
  • CS2 Design Review
  • CS3 Construction Works
  • CS4 Construction Monitoring.


Changes to the connections process will also take effect from 1 July and will be fully implemented by 30 September. Any connections to the public water network commissioned from 1 July will need to be carried out by one of Watercare's network maintenance contractors throughout Auckland.

Simple household wastewater connections, and pipe connections to the public wastewater infrastructure, can be carried out by a Certifying Drainlayer. This will need to be approved by Watercare.

Any work that involves connecting to a pressure sewer, a vacuum system or a rising main will need to be done by Watercare network maintenance contractors.

Anyone accessing Watercare's wastewater network for any reason, such as lowering a camera into a pipe or checking the depth of a manhole, will need to gain approval from Watercare before doing so.

Any queries?

Please email info@water.co.nz with the subject line Compliance Statements or Connections.

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