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International Women's Day - Emma de Salis

Emma de SalisEmma de Salis

2nd year apprentice
McBeth Plumbing and Gas

What do you do in your current role?
Service and maintenance plumbing and gas work, mainly residential with some commercial thrown in there. On a day to day basis I'm out mostly on my own doing responsive work. 

What do you particularly enjoy about it?
There's so much problem solving to keep you mentally engaged, and heaps of little tips and tricks to learn that one day might make things a bit easier. I'm also just so incredibly happy to not be in a desk job. 

How do you find working in a male dominated industry?
I haven’t come across a guy who has been unsupportive. I might get a double take when clients see a lass roll up to the site, but because so many people are behind the women in trades movement. I've found that everyone is keen to see you develop and bring what you have to the table. Even before getting into the trades, I found that when you ask questions and show interest in these types of industries, people are excited to share their knowledge no matter who you are. 

Have you encountered any specific challenges?
Trying to find women’s boots and work clothes to try on before buying blindly online has been really frustrating!

Please share any standout moments in your life.
About a year before becoming an apprentice, I passed my recruits course to become a firefighter, and have been volunteering with them since. It's been an amazing team to be part of and there's some unforgettable experiences to be had. 

What does your organisation do for inclusion and diversity?
Having me as a part of the team, rather than the team plus the lady plumber is all it takes. 

What or who inspires you?
All the lady tradies sharing their work online that are absolutely killing it in their field, it's so cool to see other people passionate about plumbing and being proud of their work. 

What do you wish you had known before you started in your profession?
How to avoid the pies...I still haven't learned. 

What would you tell another woman interested in the plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying industry? 
et in there with the right attitude, work ethic and passion for what you do, and you'll absolutely smash it. 


International Women's Day is about a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality.

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