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LPG compliance in non-workplaces

26 September 2018
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LPG compliance in non-workplaces

Changes were introduced to compliance requirements for more than 100kg of LPG at non-workplaces on 1 December 2017. These requirements remain under the EPA and didn't transfer to WorkSafe.

100kg to 300kg
If there is between 100kg and 300kg at a non-workplace, the LPG supplier must issue a Compliance Plaque (a metallised label), fixed somewhere on the cylinder installation.

The supplier must check the compliance of the installation with the requirements of the EPA Hazardous Substances (Hazardous Property Controls) Notice 2017. These are the same requirements that have always been required of the cylinder installations and are covered in appendix J of AS/NZS 5601.1.

New installations don't need prior approval by a WorkSafe Compliance Certifier before the LPG supplier issues a Compliance Plaque.

More than 300kg
For non-workplaces with more than 300kg of LPG, a HSNO/WorkSafe Compliance Certifier must issue a Compliance Certificate.

Other guidance
WorkSafe and EPA have new guides for industry and consumers, which explain the changes and cover issues such as aggregating quantities of LPG at a single site. Find them HERE

The LPG Association is updating its Codes of Practice for twin pack 45kg cylinder installations and multi-cylinder installations. Due to popular demand, the relevant extracts from the Standard will be reinstated to make them a complete one-stop guide.

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