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Engaging with your employees

21 March 2023
HR Human resources staff employee

Lisa Duston

Lisa Duston lays down an HR challenge for plumbing businesses in 2023...

I am a massive believer in businesses looking after their people, whilst also ensuring all parties are getting the most from the employment relationship.

As part of the Master Plumbers HR service, we can help our member businesses carry out employee engagement surveys.

I want to challenge our members to check in with their people in 2023 and ask those tough questions around how they feel about their role, what challenges they face, and how they think their employer is doing. Sadly, I often hear there is no time to do this—but, if you can make the time, I am sure you’ll see the benefits!

In late 2021, we assisted Morrinsville Plumbing and Gas (MPG) with an employee engagement survey. Their management team wanted to know how they were performing as an employer and if there were any issues bubbling away that they weren’t aware of.

Over the past year, MPG worked hard to make some changes highlighted by the survey and, although further improvements can always be made, it has definitely led to positive changes in their culture.

MPG Operations Manager David Whitfield, the main driver of this process at the business, told me they now have a Wellbeing Champion, who offered to assist in the wellbeing space and is available to talk if anyone is struggling.

The business has also implemented job management software to move away from doing everything manually. This has been a huge success, with the operations team and other employees really noticing the benefit.

Since the initial survey, MPG have checked in again with their team and the feedback is positive. They have happy employees, who appreciate the work the business has done to improve things. Well done MPG!

If your business could benefit from an employee engagement survey, please be in touch. Lisa Duston from the Master Plumbers HR team is available to Master Plumbers members to discuss any employee situation. Contact Lisa on 021 245 1704 or email lduston@masterplumbers.org.nz

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