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2017 Master Plumber of the Year

Wednesday 19th of April 2017
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Congratulations to Plumbing & Gas Works in Hamilton—2017 Master Plumber of the Year!

General Manager Mike Foote was at the 2017 New Zealand Plumbing Awards with his wife Nicola to collect the greenstone trophy on behalf of the 12-strong team, which is led by four shareholders.

More young people should consider a career in plumbing, says Mike, who hopes the award will help attract more skilled young apprentices to the firm at a time when construction is booming and tradespeople are in short supply.

“I’ve been in this trade for 20 years and I’m still doing new stuff every month. “For example, we’ve just worked on a chocolate factory, putting a water jacket on the line to keep the chocolate melted as it moves round the factory.

“Before that we helped the DHB design a system for cleaning surgical tables. “Hydraulic principles can be applied to all kinds of jobs.”

The firm always keeps a steady flow of apprentices coming through. It’s a tight-knit team, says Mike and staff members stay loyal. He puts this down to the wide variety of work on offer.

“It’s not all dirty work, as some people think, and it’s not all about doing work in houses. It’s a huge trade and there’s no chance of getting bored.”

The judges noted that, in a year of strong competition for this category, Plumbing & Gas Works stood out across all five criteria for the award.

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