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Advice, tips and tricks of the plumbing kind

Did you know that sanitary plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying must be done by authorised tradespeople? Follow our blog for expert advice on plumbing repairs, renovations, servicing and seasonal maintenance.

Don't risk it! If you have a plumbing problem, contact a Master Plumber.

  • Unblocking a basin Plumbing
    3rd of June 2016

    Unblocking a basin

    If your basin gets clogged, don't panic - try using a plunger. Keep a damp rag over the overflow while you do it. If the problem persists, contact a Master Plumber.

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  • Don't pour that down the sink Drainlaying
    3rd of June 2016

    Don't pour that down the sink

    Don't pour cooking grease into drains. It blocks them when it cools and firms up. Instead, chill the grease in an empty carton or tin then put it in the...

    Tags: blocked drains  
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  • Do I need a building consent? Plumbing
    3rd of June 2016

    Do I need a building consent?

    Some plumbing, gasfitting and drainage work doesn't need consent - as long as you use an authorised plumber, drainlayer or gasfitter. They'll know what can and can't be done without consent.

    Tags: building consents  
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  • Can I do my own plumbing? Plumbing
    3rd of June 2016

    Can I do my own plumbing?

    Short answer: No. There's not much you can do without running into trouble with the law. Changing a tap washer is fine, but that’s about it.

    Tags: DIY plumbing  
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  • Roofing
    3rd of June 2016

    Remember your roof

    Spouting, downpipes and gutters can become blocked with all sorts - from dead birds and rodents to plastic bags, balls and dirt build-up.

    Tags: Blocked spouting  
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