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Dux AdjustaPit®

The Dux AdjustaPit® is New Zealand's only height adjustable silt pit. It is faster to install than traditional pits and requires no pit adjustment call-backs.


  • The 350mm AdjustaPit® is NZBC compliant with 5 tonne load tested cast iron grates for trafficable areas
  • The 250mm AdjustaPit® has sleek aluminium grates perfect for visual areas
  • An integrated external trap reduces component and labour costs as no additional joints or fittings are required
  • An internal access plug allows easy access to drains for quick and easy clearing of blockages.

Where to buy

Dux AdjustaPit® is available nationwide from quality plumbing merchants.

For more information, please visit www.dux.co.nz/adjustapit

(For installation by an authorised drainlayer.)

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DUX0094 3D Dux by Aliaxis 2019 MASTER copy