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Dux Tight P Trap

The significantly reduced width of the Dux Tight P trap makes it an ideal solution for authorised plumbers doing installations when space is limited. WaterMark certified LicWMK26068 & LicWMK 26069.


  • FlexiTrap™ complies with the New Zealand building code by being 100% certified to the New Zealand standard for air admittance valves AS/NZS4936
  • Telescopic inlet for quick, easy height adjustments
  • Vented and non-vented options
  • Available with integrated pop-up waste with modern flat style plug

Where to buy 

Dux Tight P traps are available nationwide from quality plumbing merchants.

For more information, please visit www.dux.co.nz/flexitrap

(For installation by an authorised plumber.)

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DUX0094 3D Dux by Aliaxis 2019 MASTER copy