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Master Plumbers Freephone 0800 502 102

Name: Wellington Office
Ph: 04 384 4184

Chief Executive Officer

Name: Greg Wallace
Ph: 04 801 2016

Executive Assistant

Name: Verity Vender
Role: Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer.
Ph: 04 801 2016

General Manager

Name: Luke Pirie
Role: Leads the Master Plumbers team towards the company's goals and strategy.
Ph: 04 801 2012

HR and Recruitment Manager

Name: Lisa Duston
Role: Contact for the member Human Resources helpline as well as for Master Plumbers and Masterlink Human Resources queries.
Mob: 021 245 1704

Company Accountant

Name: Christine Robertson
Role: Financial management of the Master Plumbers group.
Ph: 04 801 2014

Assistant Accountant

Name: Lynda Colman
Role: Assists with accounts and manages Master Plumbers Mobilcards.
Ph: 04 801 2010

Operations Manager

Name: Jason Goei
Role: Oversees daily business operations and strategies.
Ph: 04 801 2019

Training Administrator

Name: Victoria Young
Role: Supports the development and coordination of Master Plumbers training courses and resources.
Ph: 0800 502 102

National Sales Manager

Name: Gillian McGeever (currently on maternity leave)
Role: North Island based, managing Master Plumbers membership and Business Partner relationships.
Mob: 027 839 8398

Business Development Manager

Name: Alana Fourie
Role: Managing Master Plumbers membership and Business Partner relationships in the South Island.
Mob: 021 985 894

Membership and Engagement Coordinator

Name: Henry Cassin
Role: Works with Master Plumbers Branches and Associations and provides membership support.
Ph: 04 801 2017

Event and Relationship Manager

Name: Fleur Nicholas
Role: Projects manager for key Master Plumbers events
Ph: 0800 502 102

Marketing and Communications Manager

Name: Sheree Phillips
Role: Strategic marketing and promotional opportunities for Master Plumbers.
Ph: 04 801 2012

Communications Consultant

Name: Beverly Sellers
Role: NZ Plumber, member website and enews content enquiries.
Mob: 0272 923 923


Name: Caitlin Wells
Role: Day to day office administration and support for the Master Plumbers team.
Ph: 04 802 3903

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