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Chief Executive Officer

Name: Greg Wallace


Name: Sarah Rowe
DDI: 04 801 2016

Operations & IT Manager

Name: Margaret Dawson
Role: Margaret manages operations, training and professional development
DDI: 04 801 2012

MPGD Training and Membership Administrator

Name: Alton Anamani
Role: Alton handles the administration for Master Plumbers training courses and membership
DDI: 04 801 2017

Business Development Manager

Name: Sam Timlin
Role: Sam manages membership and Masterlink growth
Mob: 021 433 615

Communications Manager

Name: Beverly Sellers
Role: Beverly is Editor of NZ Plumber and manages member e-newsletters and website content
DDI: 03 543 2008
Mob: 0272 923 923

Communications and Marketing Advisor

Name: Jo Caine
Role: Jo is marketing and communications advisor for Master Plumbers and Masterlink
DDI: 04 802 3900
Mob: 021 779 623 

Company Accountant

Name: Christine Robertson
Role: Christine is the company accountant, responsible for day-to-day financial management of the Master Plumbers group
DDI: 04 801 2014

Assistant Accountant

Name: Lynda Colman
Role: Lynda assists with accounts and manages Master Plumbers Mobilcards
DDI: 04 801 2010

HR & Recruitment Manager

Name: Lisa Duston
Role: Lisa manages HR and recruitment for Master Plumbers and Masterlink and provides an HR helpdesk for member businesses
Mob: 021 245 1704

Recruitment Coordinator

Name: Kate Williams
Role: Kate assists with HR and recruitment for Master Plumbers and Masterlink

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