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Updates from Master Plumbers and the wider industry.

  • Health & Safety
    24th of April 2018

    Working with or near asbestos

    A new WorkSafe guide for plumbers who work for themselves or have other people (including apprentices) working for them.

    Tags: asbestos  
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  • Health & Safety
    23rd of April 2018

    Portable gas heaters should be banned from Kiwi homes

    Master Plumbers wants portable gas heaters banned from all residential properties in New Zealand, because of the serious risks they pose to your health and safety.

    Tags: heating  
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  • Health & Safety
    1st of March 2018

    Status of wiring rules

    Standards Australia has announced that a new edition of AS/NZS 3000:2018 (the ‘wiring rules’) is expected to be published in March.

    Tags: electricity  
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