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Caravan gas installations – have your say!

2 February 2018
health & safety

A recently released draft amendment to the caravan installation code seeks to standardise compliance plate requirements across New Zealand and Australia.

The two proposed changes are:

  • A change to the warning labels that will need to be applied near cookers
  • Introducing a new requirements for the placement of a Gas Compliance Plate when gasfitting. This will indicate if it's a new installation or an alteration, and will identify the caravan, the gasfitting certification number and the gasfitter certifying the installation.

There are no immediate plans to make this requirement part of the regulatory regime in New Zealand, but Energy Safety believes this will provide a way for consumers to be able to determine the compliance of their vehicle.

To comment on the draft standard, head to the Standards Australia website. You will need to register to the website to have full access to the draft.

The current gas installation standard for caravans and boats is AS/NZS 5601 (Part 2).

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